August 2014 – The Beaufort Street Network

30 Artists, 30 Walls, 1 Laneway

The Laneway Collective is bringing together local artists, residents and land owners to create inspiring laneway art. The first major project will create a unique street art gallery in a forgotten laneway between Grosvenor Road and Chelmsford Road in Mount Lawley. The laneway is just behind IGA on Beaufort Street. Find out more at

Amok Island and Fergus McFudge were in action today painting the second and third murals.














Most of the action will happen in conjunction with the Beaufort Street Festival on 15 November 2020. Find out more about the Festival at

Check out some of the amazing artists taking part in the laneway project –

Adam Creamer

Steven Young
Rob Jenkins
Nick Zafir
Local artist Melski is organising the project and started it all with this –
Street art can turn a forgotten space in to an interesting place
Street art can turn a forgotten space in to an interesting place

How Can You Help?

If you want to see this happen, help support it by chipping in a donation. All donations received will help support local artists to deliver this amazing project. Email Mel McVee at to find out more.

Beaufort Street Art Market starts Sun 7 September 2020

The Beaufort Street Art Market, presented by Beaufort Street Network, aims to celebrate Perth’s creative brilliance and talent in an incredible display of local artists, designers and artisans.Beaufort Street Art Market.

The first market is to be held on Sunday 7th September, and, subject to Council approval, will be held on the first Sunday of each month.

Where: Barlee Street Carpark

(corner of Barlee and Beaufort Streets, Mount Lawley)

Beaufort Street Sign Painted SLIDER

When: Sunday, 7th September 2014

Time: 9am-1pm

Come and visit! We’d love to see you. All goods are art-based, locally made, varied and totally fabulous!

The Fence Gallery

Hanging on a hook or propped on easels, you will be able to view and buy canvasses, photography, paintings, illustrations and sculptures in an informal exhibition on the fences bordering the perimeter of the car park.

The Suitcase Art Park

Meet the ‘Suitcasers’. Artists and designers who have booked one of our limited Suitcase Spots in our Art Park area and have filled their suitcases to the brim with arty wares displayed for sale in our mini scaled suitcase stall zone.


The Stalls

Meander round the 18 stalls chock a block with wares from artists, craft artisans and designers.

Download more information and find out more here


There’s a Remarkably Strong Link Between Community Service and Happiness

What makes you happy? Family, friends, holidays, coffee? A new study from the United States has found that people who volunteer in their communities are significantly happier than those who do not. Read the article <here>.

The Beaufort Street Network is positive and proactive group of businesses and residents volunteering their time to create a Better Beaufort Street. Great places don’t just happen. They need to be created by people for people. It takes some hard work. But there are huge benefits for local businesses, residents and visitors. We get an amazing place where we can relax, shop, meet friends, live, work and play. A place to feel proud of.

There are also plenty of personal rewards in helping your community. Check out this Facebook clip of why you should care for others–

Want to Help?

There are so many ideas and possible projects to improve Beaufort Street. If you are interested, we’ll let you know what is going on and find something you would be interested in helping with. Or you might have your own ideas. Creating a better place can be fun and build on your skills and abilities.

Too Busy?

We all lead busy lives. A really easy way to help is to join the Beaufort Street Network. The Network is a not for profit community organisation run by volunteers. Your support helps the Network to create better places, promote local businesses and build a stronger community. It only costs $15 a year to be a Member and $95 a year for businesses. To join, follow the link


Ask not what Beaufort Street can do for you – ask what you can do for Beaufort StreetJohn F. Kennedy 1961  

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are – Theodore Roosevelt

Be the Change You Want to See
Be the Change You Want to See

New Laneway Street Art Project

The Laneway Collective is a recently created collaboration that works to set up street artists with residents to revitalise unused areas with murals.   Their first major project is in the Grosvenor Road Laneway in Mount Lawley.  It is a 150m long laneway with over 30 different walls that will be painted by over 30 different artists.  Currently they are talking with the Beaufort Street Festival with combining the painting of the laneway on the day of the festival – scheduled for the 15th of November.   This will ensure that the artists work will be seen by over 100,000 people, as well as creating a unique artistic space on the day (art stalls, music and a chill out area is also being discussed for the laneway in conjunction with the live street art).

Before and After Pictures of Laneway
Before and After Pictures of Laneway

Both the home owners and local artists are very keen to be involved. Prominent artists such as Stormie Mills, Amok Island, Fieldey, Jerome Davenport, Andrew Fraser, Dan Duggan, Melski and Rob Jenkins amongst others have all registered their interest in this project. Click on the Laneway Collective_Promo for a bit more of a background of what they are hoping to achieve.  

Click <here> to read an article on the project in the Perth Voice.

Would you be interested in helping this project?  They have already secured funding from the City of Vincent, and possibly co-funding from the Festival, but currently its not enough to be able to pay the 30 artists for their time and skill in producing the artwork.  The Laneway Collective would like to talk  to local businesses and residents to see if they would be interested in sponsoring an artist – either a prominent/established local artist or an up and coming local artist.

To sponsor an artist, the costs are as follows:  Prominent/established artists would be $1000 for a wall for sole sponsorship, whilst up and coming artists would be $500 a wall for sole sponsorship or $250 for joint sponsorship.  This includes a thank you to the sponsor painted on the bottom of the wall (such as “Sponsored by The Butcher Shop”).  They will also mention you on their Facebook feed and website (currently being built).

Please contact Mel McVee from The Laneway Collective who would be more than happy to discuss the proposal further and answer any queries or questions you might have. Her number is 0406 431 664 and have a look at their facebook page

Big Weekend in Mary Street Piazza

It was a fantastic weekend in the Mary Street Piazza. There were lots of activities, lots of people and lots of sunshine. The petting zoo was a massive success. The adults enjoyed it as much as the kids!

The piazza is in a two week trial period. We need your support to help make it permanent. Please let the City of Vincent know <here>. It only takes you 1 minute but could benefit Beaufort Street for decades!

Check out some of the pics from the weekend.


Beaufort Street Art Market coming soon

Beaufort Street Art Market

We are excited to announce we have applied for a temporary licence to hold the first Beaufort Street Art Market in the Barlee Street Carpark (cnr. Beaufort Street) Sunday 7th September between 9am – 1pm.

Art stalls and displays will go in market style so mark it now in your diary to pop on down and meet and greet local artists and give them a big show of support. Artists interested in displaying work should contact us without delay at as spots are filling up fast!

Please pass on the details and spread the word to all your creative friends! Going forward and pending Council approval we plan to present the Beaufort Street Art Market on the 1st Sunday of each month.

Local artists often struggle with finding venues to display and market their work. We love to support the local creative community and The Beaufort Street Art Market will be a perfect way to do this. Please save the date and come on down!