August 2015 – The Beaufort Street Network

Lightbox Laneway Gallery on Beaufort Street



The City of Vincent has set up the new Lightbox Laneway Gallery in the lane between St Michaels and Orno Interiors just off Beaufort Street.


The City will provide the opportunity for 1 artist to utilise the lightboxes to exhibit for 3 months, with the aim to have a new artist/exhibition every 3 months, with a total of 4 exhibitions a year. Local artists, groups of artists and curators can submit a Lightbox Laneway Gallery exhibition proposal with a budget of $1,000.

The aim of the Lightbox Laneway Gallery is a public exhibition space to showcase local artists. Find out more at

Martin E. Wills is the first artist to exhibit in the gallery. Looks amazing!

Martin E Wills Light boxes