September 2014 – The Beaufort Street Network

Mary Street Piazza to be Permanent

Beaufort Street will soon have a great new place for people to meet, relax and enjoy.

The Mary Street Piazza was approved by Council on 9 September 2020. Well done City of Vincent! It will now be professionally designed and built. This will be a community space for decades to come.

The piazza was trialled between 25 July and 8 August 2020. The purpose of the trial was to provide an opportunity for people to see what could be done in the space and assess things like traffic and parking impacts.

The community feedback was fantastic with 87% of the 300 submissions supporting a new public space for Beaufort Street.

Here’s some pictures from the piazza trial.

This is a fantastic idea that really fits with the community’s vision for the street in the Better Beaufort Action Plan.

Principle 1 of the Action Plan is to ‘Create a great place for people of all ages’.

Attracting people is the key to creating a great place and supporting local businesses. We need to attract more people, particularly on weekdays, which are currently quiet times for the street. This can be achieved by creating a pedestrian-friendly street and places to sit and relax. Making the street more interesting and comfortable for people of all ages will help increase pedestrian numbers. Think about everything from the perspective of pedestrians and cyclists first. People don’t shop from their cars.

“If you plan for people and places, you get people and places. It is not true that more traffic and road capacity are the inevitable results of growth. They are in fact the products of very deliberate choices that have been made to shape our communities to accommodate the private automobile. We have the ability to make different choices — starting with the decision to design our streets as comfortable and safe places — for people on foot, not people in cars.”  Project for Public Spaces

“We’re looking at our streets as valuable public places, and we need to make it easier and safer for people to walk around and bike…. Good streets are good business.” Janette Sadik-Khan, New York City Transport Commissioner


We’ll let you know when we find out more.

What a Success! New Beaufort Street Art Market

The first Beaufort Street Art Market was brilliant! Local artists and artisans displayed their wares for hundreds of people, who braved the inclement weather. Beaufort Street was pumping on the normally quiet Sunday morning.

Great to see Barlee Street carpark come alive as a place for people of all ages.

Thank you to all the artists, artisans, performers and visitors! You helped make the day such a success.

Here are some pictures –

Interview with Utopia Handmade

Another mini interview from one of our lovely artisans Utopia Handmade showcasing this Sunday at the Beaufort Street Art Market. The Beaufort Street Network team spoke to Pia about her passion.


What inspired you to start Utopia Handmade?

I’m very passionate about supporting the handmade movement and local businesses. In my mind, there’s nothing better than knowing that what you are buying is unique, has been created with love and thought and that you are supporting people in your community.

I’ve been sewing for a few years with guidance from my Mum and starting Utopia Handmade felt like a natural progression. I launched Utopia Handmade in January 2014 with the goal to create handmade clothing for children with a modern twist on retro and classic styles.

What will you be selling at our Beaufort Street Network’s very first Beaufort Street Art Market?

I’ll be selling a range of handmade clothing for children, including art smocks and aprons with matching chef hats. I’ll also have some wonderful 50’s inspired retro aprons for ladies.

As the market is on Father’s Day, I’ll be offering a special on some great BBQ style aprons for anyone looking for a last minute present for Dad.

If our members want to purchase from you after the Beaufort Street Art Market, where can they find you?

I love interacting with customers, so I try to attend at least one local market each month. To check out my Market Schedule, head to my website

For those who prefer online shopping or can’t get to the markets, I also have an online Etsy store

Lastly, what do you love about Beaufort Street?

Beaufort Street is such a special place for me. My Mum had a café on the Beaufort Street strip for most of the 90s, so I spent a lot of time in the area. I have many wonderful childhood memories including my first ballet lesson at the Astor, ‘Fire Engine’ lemonade drinks at The Queens Hotel, buying jellybeans from McKenzies Chemist and renting VHS tapes from Planet Mt Lawley.

While I remember all of these memories fondly, what I most love is seeing the evolution of Beaufort Street. I feel like Beaufort Street is a resilient area that is forever reinventing itself and staying relevant to the community and their needs.

Filocamo captures character!


Tell Dad he can be caricatured by a living oxymoron! (Joseph Filocamo’s own description of himself!)

Joseph is The Artistic Engineer and is our feature artist at our new Beaufort Street Art Market this Sunday. Especially for Dad on Father’s Day Joseph will draw an amazing charicature for your Dad for just $20. You will love it and so will Dad - bring him down and get him all drawn up!

You can read a full interview with Joseph about his work and his visit to the Art Market here at foodie cravings Perth blog.

I’m the boss and he’s the man!


Local pop and stencil artist I’m the Boss (Shane Hughes) is influenced by everything he comes into contact with. He has a major fascination with the acceptance of all things popular in the public eye and always questions what it is about certain people, products and places that makes them desirable. His work reflects and adapts constantly to everyday happenings as he always looks to combine what he already knows with new discoveries in the world of design.

Check out his work at The Fence Gallery at the Beaufort Street Art Market this weekend.