Beaufort Street Network – What is the Beaufort Street Network?

What is the Beaufort Street Network?

 The Beaufort Street Network is a proactive and positive community organisation for people who love one of Perth’s most unique places – Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley/Highgate.

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The Network brings together local residents, community organisations and retailers, who want to make Beaufort Street a better place to work, live and play. This makes the Beaufort Street Network pretty unique – and a representative and passionate community organisation!

The Beaufort Street Network works to:

  • Encourage and promote the unique vibrancy, lifestyle and retail environment on Beaufort Street;
  • Work with local businesses, local governments, other community organisations, developers and the community to develop new initiatives and projects that enhance Beaufort Street, including the development of new public art and innovative streetscape design;
  • Manage the Beaufort Street Festival; and
  • Provide a strong voice for residents, retailers and community organisations within the Beaufort Street precincts in the City of Vincent and City of Stirling.


To date, the Beaufort Street Network secured some great wins for the Street, including:

  • Establishing the highly successful Beaufort Street Festival, with more than 120,000 people attending in 2013;
  • Successfully lobbying the City of Vincent to invest in streetscape upgrades seats, street trees and public art on Beaufort Street;
  • Working with Main Roads to introduce new measures to slow down traffic on Beaufort Street; and
  • Successfully pushed for 1 hour free parking in Beaufort Street and additional new parking within the precinct.

The Network’s success in establishing the Festival saw it recognised by the Premier’s Active Citizenship Australia Day Award for its contribution to the community.

The Beaufort Street Network is always looking for great new ideas to make the strip even better – and we hope you can join in!