Beaufort Street | Access


If one thing is certain, drivers love to speed down Beaufort Street! This has the potential to cause a major hazard for the Beaufort Street precinct, including putting pedestrians at risk – and making Beaufort Street feel just like a thoroughfare. The Beaufort Street Network believes there is a real need to slow traffic down – to make the community feel safe and comfortable about visiting the precinct.

That’s why the Beaufort Street Network has been working with the City of Vincent and Main Roads via an advisory committee to examine measures, which will slow car traffic down. As part of this work, the Network supported the introduction of 40km per hour speed limits on Beaufort Street in the City of Vincent as well as flashing speed signs.

But the Network believes even more can be done, including:

  • Stronger Traffic Police presence to blitz the street and catch speeding drivers in the act;
  • The introduction of pedestrian raised walkways along Beaufort Street (as seen in Rokeby Road) to slow traffic down. (We don’t mean however the traffic bumps in Fitzgerald Street, which everyone dislikes!)
  • The introduction of 40km per hour speed limits in City of Stirling side of Beaufort Street, to slow down traffic before it approaches the main Beaufort Street precinct in Highgate.


This is a hot issue that The Beaufort Street Network is addressing. The lack of car parking and car parking fees has become a huge concern for both local residents and retailers. The Beaufort Street Network has sought to take a cooperative approach with all our members, to resolve potential conflicts over parking and seeking better solutions to this problem.

The Beaufort Street Network organised a community forum in October last year, which saw a concerned crowd of 60 people attend. Key anxieties raised at this forum included:

  • The introduction of full paid parking across the Beaufort Street precinct with none or very limited free parking options. Retailers were very concerned this was affecting patronage of local shops and preventing customers from stopping in for a quick coffee or other items;
  • A lack of parking generally for visitors and customers to Beaufort Street;
  • A lack of off street parking for residents, as a result of increase patronage to Beaufort Street and lack of policing of illegal car parking by City workers using it as an all day commuter stop and park point.

The Beaufort Street Network has welcomed moves by the new Mayor and City of Vincent Council to alleviate these problems by

  1. Constructing new angled car parking bays increasing the overall number of bays available and
  2. The introduction of more one hour free parking and 15 minute free bays.

Bus Services

The Network is also strongly supportive of a CAT bus service to Beaufort Street, which will ensure easier access to public transport from the city and relieve car use to the precinct. Council is also investigating the possibility of bringing the CAT bus through to the area at night as a link to the train station in an effort to move late night hospitality patrons easily out of the suburb because of the general lack of bus and taxi facilities after 11pm.