Beaufort Street Art murals street art artists

Beaufort Street Art

Beaufort Street has lots of street art and murals on walls, buildings, sculptures, signs, in laneways, even on Beaufort Street itself!

The Street welcomes coffee lovers, musicians, creatives, hipsters,  designers, foodies and fashionistas. And we love our artists. We encourage local artists through the Beaufort Street Artisan Market, sponsoring street art and innovative projects like the Laneway’s Collective’s laneway mural project. Local businesses have also allowed many walls to be turned in to murals. There is lots more to see down the laneways as well. Have a walk around to see it all.

Check out this YouYube clip featuring some of Beaufort Street’s art along with some art in Leederville and North Perth –

Also check out the great pictures by Streets of Perth at

Here are some examples of local street art.