Beaufort Street Survey Results

Beaufort Street Survey Results and Winner of Montefiore Dinner for Two

Thank you to all those people who took the time to complete our Beaufort Street Survey. We received a massive 267 responses and some fantastic feedback! We’ll go through the feedback to see how we can improve what we are doing to create a better Beaufort Street.

And the winner of the free dinner for two at Montefiore is ……. drum roll …….. Maria Garbagnati. Maria is a local resident and on Beaufort Street pretty much every day. Congratulations Maria! If you need someone to come along for a free feed, just let us know (hint hint).

BSN Survey winner Maria


Here are some of the results from the survey –

How do you get to Beaufort Street?

How do we get to Beaufort St


Fantastic to see lots of people walking to Beaufort Street! We want to make it easier to walk and ride here.

Tell us how you feel about these statements

Tell us what you reckon

Some valuable feedback here. We feel pretty safe here and encourage friends and family to experience our great local businesses. Interesting that quite a few respondents didn’t seem too enthused about the Festival.

Has Beaufort St got better or worse over the last 12 months?

Has Beaufort St got better or worse in last 12 months


About 49% of respondents thought that Beaufort Street has gotten better or much better over the last 12 months. Around a third (33%) thought it was pretty much the same. Sounds like we have more work to do to create a better Beaufort Street!

What is the best thing done to create a better Beaufort Street over the last 12 months? 

What has been the best thing in last 12 months

Street art/murals and the new street trees/landscaping were the most popular actions over the last 12 months.