Better Beaufort Action Plan community placemaking on Beaufort Street

Better Beaufort Action Plan

A Better Beaufort Street

The Beaufort Street Network has developed a plan for a Better Beaufort Street. It’s already an exciting and unique place, but it could be even better.

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Great places don’t just happen. They need to be created by people for people. It takes some hard work. But there are huge benefits for residents and visitors. We get an amazing place where we can relax, shop, meet friends, live, work and play.

A place to feel proud of.

Times are changing and the street faces a range of challenges. The best way to meet these challenges is to have a plan to guide future actions. There are actions for local businesses, residents, the Network and local governments. Every small action is important.

The Better Beaufort Action Plan:

  • Establishes a vision for the place
  • Has 5 principles to guide future actions
  • Identifies short, medium and long term actions
  • Is based on feedback from local businesses, residents and visitors.

Attracting more people for longer periods is the key to creating a more vibrant, interesting and economically successful place.

You can download a copy of the Action Plan on this link – Better Beaufort Action Plan Edition 2

Cities often plan big budget projects to revitalise an area, but they are expensive and often fail. It is much better to encourage smaller, creative, community-driven projects that taken together deliver positive changes.
The Beaufort Street Network is a positive and proactive community organisation. We created Perth’s most successful street party – the Beaufort Street Festival.
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We need to make people ‘feel at home’ on the street – comfortable, relaxed and entertained. Attracting more people for longer periods is the key for creating socially and economically successful places. We need to work with local governments to reduce red tape and make it easier to effect change. We are working cooperatively with the City of Vincent and City of Stirling to create better places.

We can all play a part. Even just being interested in what is going on is a great start. We can’t change without first changing our thinking. So get on board!! Help us create a Better Beaufort Street!

A place to feel proud of.

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Ask not what Beaufort Street can do for you – ask what you can do for Beaufort StreetJohn F. Kennedy 1961

 Do what you can, with what you have, where you are – Theodore Roosevelt

The Better Beaufort Action Plan is based on business and community feedback
The Better Beaufort Action Plan is based on business and community feedback