Better Beaufort Survey

Better Beaufort Survey

The Beaufort Street Network is committed to creating a better Beaufort Street. And we want to hear what you think. How can we improve Beaufort Street?

Cafe Jazz perform in Mary Street Piazza
Cafe Jazz perform in Mary Street Piazza

The Beaufort Street Network has developed a plan for a Better Beaufort Street. It’s already an exciting and unique place, but it could be even better. We created the Better Beaufort Action Plan in 2013 to help us plan and identify a list of projects. The Action Plan is based on community feedback and best practice placemaking. If you haven’t heard about the Action Plan, you can find out more at

The Action Plan is a dynamic plan that will be updated based on your ideas.

Your feedback

Thanks very much to the 73 locals and visitors who completed our latest annual survey. Your feedback helps us prioritise how we can improve Beaufort Street.

We wanted to know if Beaufort Street is getting better (61% of respondents said it is better or much better than 12 months ago) or worse (18% of responses). And we also asked for your ideas on what actions need to be done to improve the street. Improving pedestrian safety and access was the top priority of the local community. We want to walk safely to all the awesome things the street has to offer. We’ll be working on various ideas to make it easier and safer to walk around.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any magic wands though! Creating a better Beaufort Street isn’t easy! There are things your Network can do and things we can’t do. There’s things that local government can do and other things they can’t do. Here’s a quick summary based on your feedback.

Can Potentially Influence

Can’t Do Much About

  • Improve pedestrian access and safety
  • More trees & greenery
  • More street art & culture
  • More seats & places to relax
  • Improve cycling access
  • More buskers/performers
  • Vacant shops
  • Improve parking
  • More independent shops
  • The types of businesses on the street
  • Cheaper rents for shops

The last 6 years has seen the street become one of the best urban places in Perth. But we have only just started. Email us your ideas anytime to [email protected]