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Beaufort Street Books

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567 Beaufort St Mt Lawley

(08) 6142 7996

Opening Hours

Sat to Wed 10.00am – 6.00pm

Thurs to Fri 10.00am – 9.00pm

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When you step inside the Beaufort Street Bookstore – something magical happens.

Is it the jazz you hear softly playing in the air? Is it the distinct scent of leather from the comfy lounges that beckon? Or, is it the inherent delight that comes from knowing a great read lurks within? Come and see for yourself.

Our shelves are filled with books that allow you to ‘fall down the rabbit hole’ into another world.

Beaufort Street Books opened for business on June 11, 2020. Jane Seaton created this delightful bookstore in the heart of Mt Lawley to provide a destination for people to gather as a community, meeting people of similar interests – all driven by the written word.

With its polished wooden floors and relaxing lounges, Beaufort Street Books has become a firm favourite amongst the local community.

Every month we hold a Literary Lounge event, where we invite a local author and wine maker to share an evening with some of our avid readers.

Planet Books

634 – 646 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley 6050

Phone: (08) 93287464

Fax: (08) 93287255

Planet Video was established mid 1990 by a couple of frustrated fans of popular culture (slackers) who realized that if they wanted a library of film that contained everything available – especially arthouse, cult & classic titles – they would have to do it themselves.

The business was born on the main Mount Lawley intersection and grew exponentially from 75 square metres as the public came to appreciate Planet’s philosophy. In 1996 retail of film and music was added and 2006 saw the addition of a bookshop. The business now extends over 1000 square metres of floor space and retails film, music, books and associated products, as well as holding Australia’s most extensive library of film, documentaries, performance and television. In theory if you come to Planet you can watch the film, hear the soundtrack, play the game, buy the poster and read the script or buy the book it was based upon – soon with a cup of coffee in the cafe that will adjoin the bookshop. In the meantime, take the virtual tour, we hope you enjoy!