Better Beaufort $1,000 Grant Competition

Better Beaufort $1,000 Grant Competition

What could you do with a $1,000? Create an exciting project on Beaufort Street with our Better Beaufort $1,000 Grant Competition.

The Network is very proud to be giving back to our community through the $1,000 grant competition. Two rounds of funding so far have delivered some innovative community projects.

Round 1 – Fresh Provisions Carpark Mural Project

The first round of funding helped to finance the amazing murals by local artists in the Fresh Provisions car park in Mount Lawley. The project was managed by The Laneway Collective and was co-sponsored by the Network, City of Vincent, Morley Galleria and our wonderful local businesses. Our recent community survey found that street art was the most popular thing we have helped with over the last 12 months.


Round 2 – Solar System Stroll on Beaufort Street

Round 2 funded the very innovative and educational Solar System Stroll. It’s a fun way to learn about our solar system.

You can walk from the Sun outside Ace Pizza (across from St Albans Ave) all the way to Pluto outside Perth College (corner Lawley Cr). We’re calling Pluto a planet on our stroll and don’t really care what the “experts”say!

Jupiter pic

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$1,000 isn’t much is it?

Are you kidding? The most creative ideas are often not that expensive to implement.

Examples of Quick Win Projects for Less Than $1,000

Stencil and Spray Paint – $30

First you need a good idea. But then you can order a stencil and spray paint from The Butcher Shop for around $30.

Using street art to deliver positive messages
Using stencils to deliver positive messages

Street Busker Competition – $?

The Network has been working with the City of Vincent to encourage street buskers to set up for free. You could run a competition with prize money of up to $1,000.

Outdoor music at 2013 Festival

Guerilla Garden – $100

There are plenty of unloved spaces to plant. Recruit some locals to help green the street. You could do it for free if you use donated plants like in the picture below.

Guerilla gardening Field St 2

Pop Up Loungeroom – $100

Can’t be bothered leaving your comfy lounge? What about a change of scenery? Bring down some old chairs, some furniture and tunes to create a pop up installation with your mates.

Laneway action

Adding Greenery and Plants – $250

This project was recently completed on the corner of Field and Walcott Streets for around $250. We created 4 x planters from recycled oil barrels. The barrels were cleaned, filled with soil and planted with ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongues (Sansevieria trifasciata). The ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongues were recycled as well as someone was throwing them out in the green-waste. So the project was based on local recycling of available materials.

Barrel planters on corner of Field Street