Laneway Collective street art project murals

New Laneway Street Art Project

The Laneway Collective is a recently created collaboration that works to set up street artists with residents to revitalise unused areas with murals.   Their first major project is in the Grosvenor Road Laneway in Mount Lawley.  It is a 150m long laneway with over 30 different walls that will be painted by over 30 different artists.  Currently they are talking with the Beaufort Street Festival with combining the painting of the laneway on the day of the festival – scheduled for the 15th of November.   This will ensure that the artists work will be seen by over 100,000 people, as well as creating a unique artistic space on the day (art stalls, music and a chill out area is also being discussed for the laneway in conjunction with the live street art).

Before and After Pictures of Laneway
Before and After Pictures of Laneway

Both the home owners and local artists are very keen to be involved. Prominent artists such as Stormie Mills, Amok Island, Fieldey, Jerome Davenport, Andrew Fraser, Dan Duggan, Melski and Rob Jenkins amongst others have all registered their interest in this project. Click on the Laneway Collective_Promo for a bit more of a background of what they are hoping to achieve.  

Click <here> to read an article on the project in the Perth Voice.

Would you be interested in helping this project?  They have already secured funding from the City of Vincent, and possibly co-funding from the Festival, but currently its not enough to be able to pay the 30 artists for their time and skill in producing the artwork.  The Laneway Collective would like to talk  to local businesses and residents to see if they would be interested in sponsoring an artist – either a prominent/established local artist or an up and coming local artist.

To sponsor an artist, the costs are as follows:  Prominent/established artists would be $1000 for a wall for sole sponsorship, whilst up and coming artists would be $500 a wall for sole sponsorship or $250 for joint sponsorship.  This includes a thank you to the sponsor painted on the bottom of the wall (such as “Sponsored by The Butcher Shop”).  They will also mention you on their Facebook feed and website (currently being built).

Please contact Mel McVee from The Laneway Collective who would be more than happy to discuss the proposal further and answer any queries or questions you might have. Her number is 0406 431 664 and have a look at their facebook page