Beaufort Street Network – New Mary Street Piazza

New Mary Street Piazza

Click here to see the new Mary Street Piazza Concept

The City of Vincent has given in principle support for a new public piazza space on the corner of Mary Street and Beaufort Street. Click on the  link above for an initial artist’s impression.

The City wants to engage with local residents and businesses on the idea. They would also like to trial a “Pop Up Piazza’ for 2 weeks to test how the space would affect traffic movements and car parking. Find out more about the ‘Pop Up Community Piazza’ here –

This is a fantastic idea that really fits with the community’s vision for the street in the Better Beaufort Action Plan.

Principle 1 of the Action Plan is to ‘Create a great place for people of all ages’.

Attracting people is the key to creating a great place and supporting local businesses. We need to attract more people, particularly on weekdays, which are currently quiet times for the street. This can be achieved by creating a pedestrian-friendly street and places to sit and relax. Making the street more interesting and comfortable for people of all ages will help increase pedestrian numbers. Think about everything from the perspective of pedestrians and cyclists first. People don’t shop from their cars.

“If you plan for people and places, you get people and places. It is not true that more traffic and road capacity are the inevitable results of growth. They are in fact the products of very deliberate choices that have been made to shape our communities to accommodate the private automobile. We have the ability to make different choices — starting with the decision to design our streets as comfortable and safe places — for people on foot, not people in cars.”  Project for Public Spaces

“We’re looking at our streets as valuable public places, and we need to make it easier and safer for people to walk around and bike…. Good streets are good business.” Janette Sadik-Khan, New York City Transport Commissioner

More news on this exciting new project soon.