Beaufort Street Network – New Mural Project Needs Your Help

New Mural Project Needs Your Help

A new Mount Lawley mural project needs your help.

The project will involve 10 local artists organised by The Laneway Collective. It will transform a boring old brick wall beside Psychology Australia (on Grosvenor Road behind the Flying Scotsman) in to an outdoor street art gallery.

The City of Vincent will contribute $2,500 if the community can match it and contribute another $2,500. If the community doesn’t raise the cash, the project will not happen. So we need your help!

Here is what the wall looks like now –

Psychology Aust Mural Project
Psychology Australia wall to be painted (10 brick panels – 1 for each artist)

Some of the artists include:

Find out more or donate on this link – Mount Lawley Mural Project

If you are not in a position to donate, please forward the details on to your friends and family to spread the word.

Thank you!