Name the Lanes around Beaufort Street

Name the Lanes! Leave your mark on Beaufort Street!


The Beaufort Street Network is working with the City of Vincent to name twelve currently unnamed laneways around Beaufort Street (see map below).

These laneways have been here for decades. But they have never had official names. Naming the laneways is will help create a ‘sense of place’ and future laneway activations.

This a is a great community project and everyone is welcome to get involved. We’re looking for clever names that resonate with the area and its community – but there are some rules to follow (boring, but important if you want your suggestion taken seriously).

What’s OK What’s Not OK
  • Short names with a maximum of six letters
  • Names which are easy to pronounce, spell and write
  • Surnames of local or notable people who have contributed to the local community or place (no longer living)
  • Names based on historical events
  • Names based on recognisable or special features (e.g. Astor Lane is already on use north of Walcott Street)
  • Names relevant to the local community and/or the area
  • Names of living people
  • First names
  • Names starting with “The”
  • Double-barrelled names (e.g. two names joined with a hyphen)
  • Numbers or roman numerals
  • Symbols or logograms
  • Possessive apostrophes and diacritical marks (e.g. Bob’s or Café Lane)
  • Inappropriate, discriminatory or derogatory names
  • Duplicating names already in use in the area (e.g. “Barlee”)
  • Names longer than six letters

Find out more and make your submission on the City’s of Vincent’s website –

Submissions are due by 20 November.

Read the Perth Voice article here.

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