What is Placemaking? Placemaking on Beaufort Street

Placemaking can help improve Beaufort Street

Placemaking turns empty spaces we avoid in to places where people love to meet, relax and enjoy life.


The Beaufort Street Network has prepared an Action Plan to create a better Beaufort Street. It’s really all about creating better places for people. You can find out more about the Action Plan on this page – https://beaufortstreet.com.au/better-beaufort-action-plan/.

Here are our top 12 placemaking tips.

1. Find a space to work with, but think outside the square

Bread in Common Parklet Freo 2
Bread in Common Parklet, Fremantle

2. Show that someone cares about the space. This builds community pride and confidence.

The Design Files x The Planthunter McElhone Place , Surry Hills (Cat Alley)
Cat Alley, Surry Hills, Sydney

3. Make people feel comfortable and welcome

Neal's Yard 21.10.14 (2) - Small
Neal’s Yard, London

4. Slow the flow of people down the street. Remember – people attract people.


5. Extend your business on to the street and create interesting things to see

Cloud 9 opening on Beaufort Street
Cloud 9 opening on Beaufort Street

6. Create places that are ‘photo-worthy’

Wedding photos on Beaufort Street
Wedding photos on Beaufort Street

7. Great places don’t just happen. Someone needs to drive the change

Beaufort Street locals creating a better place
Beaufort Street locals creating a better place

8. Encourage people to stay twice as long on the street to boost vibrancy and activity


Beaufort Street Festival Piano
Enticing visitors to play a tune at the Beaufort Street Festival

9. Create more economic and social exchanges to support local businesses and build community

Northbridge laneway
Laneway market in Northbridge

10. Governments need to allow things to happen and not be overly bureaucratic

Get out of jail free
Thanks to David Engwicht at Creative Communities for this idea

11. Deliver innovative quick wins

Portugal street umbrellas
Adding some colour to a street in Portugal

12. Have fun!

Laneway action
Beaufort Street Festival 2014

What are the outcomes of placemaking?     

Better Beaufort Workshop 2 July 2020 (15)
Better Beaufort Workshop
  • 50% is the physical result of improving a space
  • 50% is the change in thinking & collaborative process


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