Beaufort Street | Streetscape


Beaufort Street Enhancements

Beaufort Street is a vibrant, eclectic and creative community – and the streetscape design should reflect this! That’s why the Network has been behind a major new push to encourage greater private and local government investment in making the Beaufort Street precinct an even better place where people meet, live, work and play.

As a result of successful Network lobbying, the City of Vincent has established a Beaufort Street Enhancement advisory group to develop and create recommendations for new place making initiatives – including new streetscape furniture and public art. The first phase has seen $182,000 allocated for a range of new works, including

  • Two living green walls bus shelters;
  • Illuminated streetscape furniture;
  • New York Style small seating (with local graphic design/artist collaboration);
  • Landscaping; and
  • New bins with scaffold style framing for climbing plants.

Public Art and More

The Beaufort Street Network will be lobbying hard for further funds to invest in new public art on Mary Street and Barlee Street.

The Network is also pursuing new public wall art and murals on Beaufort Street, designed and painted by local artists in the community. The Beaufort Street is looking at how we can encourage local businesses to make a contribution to murals on their buildings. The Network also believes the City of Vincent should monitor other councils like the City of Perth who provides funding for new mural wall art (or look at matching funding at least!).

If you’re interested in helping the Network develop new proposals for innovative streetscape design, please join the Network here.